Selected Works

The Way the Rocks Hold the Current III (Part I) is a live electronic work for an unstable feedback system. The emergent music is a product of the system listening to itself and trying to match what it’s playing in real-time, but mostly completely failing to do so (except in those moments where it manages to remain fixed on a single note). The resulting music invokes the shifting patterns of Feldman with the intensity of Merzbow. Recorded at Harvestworks, 2012.

Philip White

\ was composed after a few days working with Eliane Radigue rekindled my interest in the subtleties of psycho-acoustic perception through simple synthesis. Formally, the piece could not be simpler. As its title implies it moves from high to low. Tones, rhythmic patterns, harmonies and timbral structures emerge and disappear in a work both delicate and engulfing. Commissioned by Electronic Music Foundation, 2011.

The Weight (from R WE WHO R WE with Ted Hearne, voice) takes the noise and erratic behavior of the mixer feedback system and superimposes a digital structure that allows for the production of repeatable rhythms and structures. By locking in parts of the system to a grid while leaving other parts to behave as they will, The Weight implies dance music/idm with a healthy dose of unwieldy noise. From R WE WHO R WE, New Focus Recordings, 2013.