Summer Updates

Lots of upcoming stuff this summer and this fall. First off, I’ve gone through the archive and pulled out a bunch of archival material for release via bandcamp including thenumber46’s (Suzanne Thorpe and myself) debut Bleach and Ammonia as well as a couple of collections of early and live works; Drone Works: 2006-2010 and Control: Live Works for Mixer Feedback.

This summer is all about recording, producing and a little sound design. Keep an eye out for new releases by Colonic Youth, Ted Hearne and some solo stuff!

Performance wise I’m doing a solo performance for Evidence’s (Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood) release party on Countour Edition on July 31 in Bushwick. Dan Blake and I will be doing a duo performance at Douglas Street Music Collective on August 28. On September 21 I’m collaborating with Yotam Haber and the Albany Symphony on A More Convenient Season and evening length piece for orchestra, children’s choir, electronics and film commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Birmingham church bombings.

In the meantime if you haven’t heard it, check out The Way the Rocks Hold the Current (III) on bandcamp.