September to Remember

Things are wild.

Just got back from Alabama where we premiered Yotam Haber’s massive work for orchestra, choir, electronics and film A More Convenient Season. So far reviews look good. An unforgettable experience to be sure.

Tomorrow (9/26), I head up to Yale with composer and collaborator Ted Hearne to do some R WE WHO R WE.

Saturday (9/28), I’ll be joining the amazing Jeff Donaldson at Microscope gallery in Bushwick for a duo of video and sound.

Then 3 days (10/3-5) premiering Nora Chipamuire’s rite riot at FIAF.

Then (10/6) Jeff and I reconvene, this time with the formidable Bob Bellerue at the Silent Barn.

Later in October I’ve got duos with Taylor Levine and Nate Wooley, so stay tuned!!!

Here’s audio from Dan Blake and mine’ set at DSMC a few weeks ago.

Dan and Philip