R WE WHO R WE is a collaborative composition by Ted Hearne (voice) and Philip White (electronics). In this suite of short pieces, we deconstruct assertions of identity in pop music. We dissect songs by Michael Jackson, Ke$ha, Eminem and others, subjecting them to arbitrary processes applied to both lyrical and sonic elements. Measures are reordered, lyrics are alphabetized, the backup choir is given the solo mic; garbled lyrics become absurd poems couched in profundity, melodies from the processed text become vocal lines, those vocal lines become control voltages in a chaotic electronic feedback system; four-on-the-floor endures, autotune abounds.

Colonic Youth

The quartet COLONIC YOUTH was formed in 2012 by saxophonist Dan Blake, bassist James Ilgenfritz, electronic musician Philip White, and drummer Kevin Shea. Owing as much to the music of John Coltrane’s late quartet as to the Sonic Arts Union, the quartet swaps the more unorthodox analogue and digital electronics for a piano or guitar. The band’s extended improvisations explore diverse territory, at times tongue-in-cheek or dead serious, with dynamics ranging from careless whispers to primal screams.


thenumber46 is a flute and feedback duo comprised of Suzanne Thorpe on flute and electronics and Philip White on mixer-feedback. The duo explores feedback systems acoustically, electronically, visually and metaphorically in improvised exchanges. They create aural structures and poly-articulate constructs. They sound autonomous utterances and sonic dialog with each other and the spaces in which they perform. They have toured throughout the south and east coast, performing at galleries and venues including OK Mountain, Austin, TX, Redux Contemporary Art Studios, Charleston, SC, Monkeytown, Brooklyn, NY, The Stone, NYC, and the Pyramid Atlantic, MD. Their recording, Bleach & Ammonia, will be released November, 2009 on Tape Drift Records.

Taylor Levine and Philip White

Taylor Levine (guitar) and Philip White (electronics) have been working together since their debut at 2011’s Bent Festival. Known for their raucous improvisations the duo has invited further collaboration working with an array of improvising musicians including Ches Smith, Weasel Walter, James ilgenfritz and Elliott Sharp.