IMG_20170207_214941Last year Nate Wooley asked me to put together a group to do an excerpt from Cardew’s Treatise for Sound American. C Spencer Yeh and long time collaborator Chris Pitsiokos agreed to come on board. Now it’s on a tape split with Ian Nagowski! Hit me up if you want one.

So Cold…

The New Year’s here and I’m wrecked from shoveling snow. So, I’m updating the website.

Awesome and thoughtful review of Documents by Michael Durek in the Brooklyn Rail, in which he listens to the album 10 times.

That album also made some great best of 2014 lists (Magnet, Village Voice, Big City Blog)

Colonic Youth also received this amazing review in All About Jazz

Just built a bunch of new circuits. They do not work yet.

But hopefully they will by Feb 9th when I open up for Dither and Hypercolor at JACK on Feb 9.

I’m with Dither again and percussion quartet Mantra on 2/27. We’re all performing Paula Mathussen’s new piece at the Wild Project.

Chris and I are dropping Paroxysm on March 1 and will be doing a tour of the eastern US in May before I take off for some European dates…all info coming up.

About a year ago

I was all like, if I switch to wordpress, I’ll be way better about keeping my site up to date.

My last post was almost 4 months ago.

Oh well. Things are busy.

Chris Pitsiokos and I played Ende Tymes last week. Here’s the video and a review from the Village Voice.

Off and Running

So 2014, here we go. Check the events page for all the craziness, but in summation:

OptoSonic Tea just happened:


Jeff Donaldson killed on video for this, but you have to use your imagination…..

Coming up:

A More Convenient Season

Tatsuya Nakatani’s Gong Orchestra

William S. Burroughs 100th

friggin Aaron Dilloway Headlining

Breaking The Sound

rite riot

A solo set at Tran Pecos

Colonic Youth at Brooklyn Firehouse