Ted Hearne: Outlanders

Ted Hearne
New Amsterdam Records, 2015

Written and recorded over the course of the past eight years, Outlanders is a collection of songs from Ted Hearne written for some of his favorite New York musicians. The lyrics are taken from the poetry Meghan Deans and Frank O’Hara, and by Hearne himself. In addition, four interludes (three remixes and one live improvisation) by composers Leah Coloff, Taylor Levine, Philip White, and Daniel Wohl tie the album together.
Ted Hearne, vocals, keyboards
Nathan Koci, accordion, keyboards, french horn, piano, vocals
Taylor Levine, guitar
Ron Wiltrout, drums
Leah Coloff, cello, vocals

Additional musicians:

Timo Andres, piano (We Didn’t Know, I Want Never, 359 Each Time)
Gregg August, double bass (Protection)
Bill Carson, vocals (We Didn’t Know)
Miki Cloud, violin (We Didn’t Know, Is It Dirty, Shame Campaign, Heartened)
Chris Coletti, trumpet (Is It Dirty, We Didn’t Know)
Michelle Farah, oboe (Is It Dirty)
Kelli Kathman, flute (Is It Dirty)
Eileen Mack, bass clarinet (Is It Dirty, We Didn’t Know)
John Popham, cello (Is It Dirty)
Kris Saebo, electric bass (Is It Dirty)
Caroline Shaw, violin (Is It Dirty)
Erin Wight, viola (Is It Dirty)
Matthew Wright, trombone (Is It Dirty, We Didn’t Know)

All music by Ted Hearne, except four interludes:
“Seventeen” by Philip White; “Dirty to love” by Leah Coloff
“How it goes” by Taylor Levine; “Heartened” by Daniel Wohl

All lyrics by Ted Hearne, except:
“We Didn’t Know,” “Protection” and “I Mean Well” by Meghan Deans
“Song (Is It Dirty)” by Frank O’Hara
from Lunch Poems, ©1964 City Lights Books
used with permission

All tracks produced by Philip White, except:
“I Want Never” produced by Jacob Cooper;
“Is It Dirty” produced by Lawson White;
“I Mean Well” produced by Nathan Koci and Philip White;
“Dirty to love” produced by Leah Coloff;
“Heartened” produced by Daniel Wohl

Recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, NY; Greg Mayo Studios, White Plains, NY; Studio 691, Brooklyn; Issue Project Room, Brooklyn; Ted’s house, Brooklyn; Nathan’s house, Brooklyn; Bill’s house, Charleston

Mixed by Philip White
Mastered by Devin Greenwood at The Honey Jar, Brooklyn
Additional mixing and production by Jay Wadley and Lawson White
Engineered by Ryan Streber, Greg Mayo, Philip White