R WE WHO R WE “I Love You”

R WE WHO R WE “I Love You”

On their eponymous debut, R WE WHO R WE deconstructed pop songs asserting identity: Madonna’s “Material Girl”, Eminem’s “Hi My Name Is” and of course Ke$ha’s “WE R WHO WE R” from which they cribbed their name. It was at once an uneasy homage to commercial music’s expression of how people see themselves as individuals, and a fork in the eye to commercial music’s exploitation of how people see themselves.

With that, R WE WHO R WE became a project about how the duo sculpts and performs their identities.

”I Love You” shifts these ideas about identity onto a fractured set of cultural narratives about relationships, love and masculinity, honing in on the inevitable collisions. In nine original songs, the duo works through disturbed desire (“Song and Dance,” “Kristin”), adolescent projections (“I Just Want U II”, “Womb”), disintegrating relationships (“Silence”, “Valentine’s”, “Cutaway”) and violence (“Two Trees”, “Firestarter”).
released November 21, 2017

TED HEARNE, voice, vocal processing
PHILIP WHITE, mixer feedback, voice, vocal processing

All music by Philip White and Ted Hearne
Produced by R WE WHO R WE with Nick Tipp
Recorded by Philip White and Nick Tipp
Mixing: Nick Tipp
Artwork: Seth Gadsden
Design: Traci Larson
all rights reserved