Philip White and Chris Pitsiokos

Available through Carrier Records and bandcamp

Saxophone and Electronics violently collide and seamlessly meld, explode and cauterize with vehement immediacy into a set of six real time compositions. With a common ear towards clear, powerful, and assertive statements Chris Pitsiokos and Philip White draw from equal parts David Tudor, Roscoe Mitchell, Eliane Radigue and Merzbow. The duo press themselves into the listener with unerring decisiveness and complete aural honesty.

Paroxysm opens in a fury of ecstatic protest that quickly capitulates to an unremitting tension that saturates the album. Electro acoustic detonations are tempered by precarious drones that tremble on a holy high wire. Impassioned playing becomes irascible with White and Pitsiokos fighting for narrative control over a novel that will never exist. This is music without a protagonist, but with two antagonists vying for sonic rectitude with and against one another.


Five By Five

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