Audio Engineer

Mixing (M), mastering (m) and recording (R)

Ben Richter Panthalasia (Infrequent Seams) m
Chris Pitsiokos Unit Silver Bullet in the Autumn of Your Years M,m
Chris Pitsiokos Valentine’s Day m
Colonic Youth Fountain of Youth (Infrequent Seams) M, m
Dan Blake The Dust Moves (Infrequent Seams) M
James Ilgenfritz Floor Plan (Infrequent Seams) M, m, R
James Ilgenfritz The Ticket That Exploded (Con d’Or) m
Jim Jarmusch and Jozef van Wissum Concerning the Entrance into Eternit(Important Records) R
John Butcher Bell Trove Spools (Northern Spy) M, m, R
Nate Wooley 8 syllables (Piera) M, m, R
Object Collection It’s All True (Infrequent Seams) M, m
Objet Collection Cheap and Easy October (Infrequent Seams) M
Philip White Documents (Infrequent Seams) M, m, R
R WE WHO R WE (New Focus Recordings) M, m, R
R WE WHO R WE “I Love You” M, R
Robert Piotrowicz / C. Spencer Yeh Ambient (Bocian) R
Ted Hearne Outlanders (New Amsterdam) M
Terri Hron Portraits M
thenumber46 Bleach and Ammonia (Tape Drift) M, m, R